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I will create the perfect nutrition plan for you.

Hi, I'm Jessica Vels.
Your Personal Dietitian.

If you’re like lots of people I help, you don’t like how you look, avoid pictures like the plague, have a closet full of clothes you can’t wear, feel tired a lot, have tried working out, have tried cutting calories, have tried literally everything.


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Your health is ous passion.

My vegan app
For cooking

Try my vegan app for everyday cooking

350+ easy plant based recipes

It is always easier to go with fast food, but we forget that neglecting your diet costs us our long and happy life. You don't have to be a chef to be able to eat properly. Everyone can afford organic green veggies, fresh fruits and protein today. All you have to do is make a little effort, really.


Success stories of our clients.

“I love how easy this app made my life! The recipes are so easy, delicious, healthy and so many options, from weekly plans to gluten free days.... Definitely a must have for a very reasonable price (like a book but updating every week) can’t ask for more!”

Amélie Charlotte

“Really great and useful app! The girl that made it is really nice and super smart! This app is so good, it has so many tasty recipes and so much more, that you'll want to become vegan for sure! I love it! ❤️

Colis F.

“The app is amazing with many mesmerizing recipes which taste amazingly and are so easy to make. Moreover, I do love that nutrition section where you can learn more about what you eat. 10/10 app”

Jessica S.

Success story

I feel super positive and energic!

The feelings that I did not know of before.

For me personally, a healthy way of living was a mysterious and unrealistic theory that I was never in a mood to explore. Now, with your help and guidance I am to start a new life! 

Eric Mayer

Manager / Client

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